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From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Wed Aug 29 2001 - 01:49:04 MDT

"David G. McDivitt" wrote:
> Yes you can change the way gravity acts on your body depending on which
> theoretical construct. People do it all the time. People at one time did
> not think it was possible to fly. Once shown they could some thought it
> was against nature or evil. An airplane defies gravity. There is no
> other explanation for it.
> Granted, while sitting in the seat one still experiences gravity, so
> your argument may be gravity has not been really overcome, but that was
> not the context of your original statement. You asked if a person could
> change the way gravity acts on the body by changing views. Yes, because
> if people did not think it was possible to fly, or defy gravity, it
> would never have been attempted.

I imagine you are more than intelligent enough to know this is a
silly game having nothing to do with the intent of the
question. The intent was to point out that the rules of
physics, the nature of reality, does not change just because our
understanding of and beliefs about it change. That we attempt
different things depending on our beliefs about what is possible
is irrelevant to that intent.

> Why do you say the nonrealist position is subjective? That doesn't make
> much sense. Realism is built solely on the premise of a priori or steady
> state truth statements. That means when one enters into analytical
> reasoning, a criterium is already established with respect to the
> result, that it be "real". Seems to me realism is much more subjective
> and you have it backwards.

It seems to me you play pointless and worthless games at best.

- samantha

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