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From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Tue Aug 28 2001 - 16:38:30 MDT

Tim Moroney wrote:
> > I don't
> > see gravity, for example, as being inforced by intellectual, social,
> > moral, or scientific authority. It just IS, its inherent in the
> > substrate of reality that cannot be denied by any amount of subjectivist
> > hand waving and denial.
> What is gravity? It's a theoretical construct which is known to be
> incorrect, since its descriptions in quantum physics and relativity can't be
> reconciled. How can an incorrect theoretical construct be an inherent part
> of reality?

Whether our understanding of a phenomenon is flawed or not does not
invalidate its existence or cancel out its effects upon us. Can you
change how gravity acts against your body depending on which theoretical
construct you happen to believe in? No you can't, can you? Then get over
your silly subjectivist ideas.

> > Similarly, the other subatomic forces and
> > physical constants of the universe ARE, they exist irrespective of your
> > desire to not believe in them.
> Again, they're all provisional theoretical constructs. Flashback to 1900:
> "The ether simply IS -- it exists irrespective of your desires." That's how
> your statement will look in 2100.

The ether could not be experimentally demonstrated in 1900, and its
theoretical existence was disproven, only to be replaced by Einstein's
'Cosmological Constant' which wound up serving the exact same purpose.
Gravity is experimentally proven to be an objective truth every waking
moment of the day. Nor did the Ether pop into existence when people
started believing in it, then dissappear when they stopped doing so.

Get over your silly subjectivist ideas.

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