Re: Mexican Immigration

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Tue Aug 28 2001 - 11:26:14 MDT

Samantha Atkins wrote:
> Lee Corbin wrote:
> >
> > Randy Smith writes
> >
> > > Actually, the immigration of all those Mexican peasants does indeed matter
> > > to us all, especially those of us who are planning to be frozen if old age
> > > ain't cured pretty soon. The substantial MAJORITY of immigrants, Mexicans or
> > > otherwise, are "peasants." From my observations, peasants don't run much of
> > > a country. Mainly, they live in kleptocracies. I don't want the USA to be a
> > > kleptocracy. I doubt cryonics would be legal for the common man in the USA
> > > were uneducated peasants to abound in the USA.
> >
> > Everything hinges on the rate of cultural uptake. My own ancestors came
> > from a variety of European countries most of which had no clue concerning
> > traditions of liberty. Sometimes I suspect that the decline in the
> > respect for those traditions may have been the fault of a number of
> > nineteenth century immigrants who tried, but who just didn't "get it".
> > Then when opportunities to socialize a great many things in the 20th
> > century arose, they and their descendents embraced these "naturally
> > appealing" programs.
> I have known too many people from other countries who deeply
> appreciated freedom compared to the conditions back home. Many
> of them appreciated much, much more than we who were born into
> it because they really understand the difference first hand!
> So the counter-position may be true, the decline in appreciation
> of liberty and of a liberal republic is from those born to it
> forgetting what they have and not enough influx of people who
> understand very well what a treasure it is.

I have found that there is a distinct difference between appreciating an
effect and understanding and accepting the conditions required to
produce that effect. Freedom is an effect, one which most people
appreciate greatly, each in their own way and with their own
limitations. Far fewer people understand and accept the necessity of the
conditions required to produce freedom. Fewer still are willing to
actively do what it takes to produce freedom, to pay the price. If more
people were so willing, this world would be a far different place.

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