RE: Morality is Relative

From: Mitchell, Jerry (3337) (
Date: Tue Aug 28 2001 - 08:35:07 MDT

> This doesn't make any sense to me. My problem with most of
> those who do not appreciate diversity is that they insist on
> seeing my packaging rather than who I am as a person. They have
> bad opinions toward lesbians say and since I am one of them they
> see their opinions of lesbians instead of simply seeing me. It
> is not me putting myself in a box or boxes but me fighting to be
> seen as person first and all these various properties of this
> person second. People come and a wonderful assortment of
> flavors. Be sure to collect the entire set! <g>
> - samantha

So we fight to be seen as an individual, and in the same hand start
preaching the glory of diversity for its own sake, and no one else sees the

As for diversity, what factors do we want to be diverse in? If I own a
company, Ill be sure to hire those with an extra finger and those without.
Also those that have the letter G in their last name and those without. Get
my point? What the hell does diversity have to do with the form or function
of any organization except maybe on the political layer?

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