Re: Nominalism

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Tue Aug 28 2001 - 00:54:02 MDT

"David G. McDivitt" wrote:
> You seem to be making solipsistic arguments. But I like solipsism.
> I see each person as having individual discreet realities, rather than
> there being one external reality. Community happens when individual
> people choose to place their separate realities in sync. If a fireball
> crosses the sky it is not one head which turns but many heads. Each
> person sees, but there are as many fireballs as there are people, with
> each representing an entire process going from stimulus to recognition.

So. Do you deny there is one fireball being perceived by all
the viewers using the apparatus of their sensactions,
perceptions, concepts and so on? If you do not believe there is
any external reality, then what possible advantage is perception
at all? If it is not to perceive but to create a reality, then
are we only in a dream in your opinion?

> With all the protocols existent in science today regarding publishing
> and duplication of results, I fail to see why people cannot acknowledge
> authority and societal factors in truth and knowledge.

The duplication and publishing is so we may learn from one
another's experience and ideas and so that we may verify other's
conclusions. It has nothing to do with authority per se.


- samantha

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