Re: Nominalism

From: David G. McDivitt (
Date: Mon Aug 27 2001 - 23:49:45 MDT

You seem to be making solipsistic arguments. But I like solipsism.

I see each person as having individual discreet realities, rather than
there being one external reality. Community happens when individual
people choose to place their separate realities in sync. If a fireball
crosses the sky it is not one head which turns but many heads. Each
person sees, but there are as many fireballs as there are people, with
each representing an entire process going from stimulus to recognition.

With all the protocols existent in science today regarding publishing
and duplication of results, I fail to see why people cannot acknowledge
authority and societal factors in truth and knowledge.

I've changed, actually. There was a time when I sought to reduce as much
as possible, and I still pride myself on that ability. I used to always
break things down to the smallest possible terms, but realized one day
the cognition required to facilitate so much detail at once is immense,
and I conceded to not keep up. It was a good lesson for me. There is so
much more power in abstraction.

>From: "Lee Corbin" <>
>Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 21:45:16 -0700
>Why are you more certain that you live in a world of language,
>objectification, and mental abstractions, than you live in a
>world of earth, air, fire, and water? Such things as language
>could not exist were they not evolved in matter creatures, nor
>could mental abstractions. You are choosing to build up your
>model of what the world is on top of very shaky ideas that you
>can't even know that other people possess, because you can't
>even know that there are other people.


>How do you know that there is a "we"? I suggest that your inference
>that there are other people is much weaker than your inference that
>there is a 3-D world outside your skin.


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