RE: Paying for Schools (was: SOCIETY: Re: The privatization of pu blic security)

From: Zero Powers (
Date: Mon Aug 27 2001 - 21:16:12 MDT

>From: "Dickey, Michael F" <>

>"Of course the only real options would be available to the wealthy. The
>of us would be relegated to sending our kids to the $.99 Store school.

>I strongly disagree with this. This is same argument that is always made
>against new products 'Why make them, only the rich will get them' At one
>point in time Automobiles, let alone choices in them, were confined to the
>rich. Electricity was confined to the rich. Running water, waste
>management, heat, etc. etc. etc were ALL, at one time, confined to the
>rich. Competition and capitalism has brought ALL of these things within
>realm of the average person.

That analogy doesn't work. Its not like Ford was giving away free cars, and
then someone proposed that he stop giving them away for free. When the
market for cars was young, they were a luxury. Education is a necessity.

Besides, when you say those goods are available to the "average person"
aren't you really talking about the middle classes and above? Where I'm
from *poor* people still mostly use public transportation.


"I'm a seeker too. But my dreams aren't like yours. I can't help thinking
that somewhere in the universe there has to be something better than man.
Has to be." -- George Taylor _Planet of the Apes_ (1968)

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