Re: Maths & the Chinese Room Problem

From: Chen Yixiong, Eric (
Date: Mon Aug 27 2001 - 00:18:56 MDT

> But how important is this more profound understanding? The answer
> clearly is: it depends on what you want to use your skills or your
> knowledge for. Some things I want to understand to the point of
> being able to articulate them; other things I don't. It depends on
> one's own values, for one thing.

For efficient learning and creative learning, we have to learn by principles than by memorization. Articulation (usually) proves that you have an adequate grasp of the subject you want to learn.

Plain memorization, similar to the strategy of fragile expert systems that fare only as well as the subject matter they know, can only have limited uses. A principle based strategy will provide a more balanced approach with the knowledge potentially applicable to many domains. It also allows one to check if a certain formula or principle actually holds for it may have incompleteness or inconsistencies.

I wonder what topology future sentient computers would have. Most likely not exclusively expert system based, I believe.

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