RE: Morality is Relative

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Sun Aug 26 2001 - 22:28:34 MDT

Russell Blackford writes

> Lee wrote
>> A quite unnecessary semantic quagmire opens up under us whenever we
>> try to discuss the "M" word in the abstract, instead of much more
>> usefully attacking the things we dislike or think are harmful to
>> people, e.g., adultery, disloyalty, brutality, political correctness,
>> divisiveness, racism, diversity, separatism, zenophobia, etc.
> Why is "diversity" on this list? All things being equal, I *like*
> diversity.

That's funny. Because I was trying to be global in listing a
lot of things that people don't like---it's remarkable that you
didn't agree only with one! I wasn't actually saying either that
I disliked all those things, or that people should not like those
things. I should have added more things like "patriotism",
"charity", "religion", "anti-religion" just to balance it more.


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