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From: Loree Thomas (
Date: Sun Aug 26 2001 - 14:59:15 MDT

Ok... my last post on this,

--- "David G. McDivitt" <> wrote:
> What if the term or objectification "gravity" had
> not evolved.

You insisted in your last post we weren't playing
"what if" scenarios... but we'll go with it.

What if? Nothing, that's what. Gravity would still
work the same, no matter what you called it or how you
look at it... It IS...

That's what objective reality (the only reality that
is actually real) is all about. (I dislike these kinds
of discussions because the force me to write things
like "real reality"...)

This is the crux of our argument. How WE perceive
things doesn't effect reality. It would be the same
if we never existed.

> What if
> Newton played with electricity enough to call it
> "electromagnetic
> attraction" instead. How would that have affected
> the cosmological
> models we have today?

What difference does it make? The cosmos would still
act the same... Models aren't facts. Beliefs aren't

You stated that facts and beliefs are the same things.
 They aren't.


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