From: Party of Citizens (
Date: Sun Aug 26 2001 - 12:19:12 MDT

Dear Hannah:

I enjoyed your interview with Chris Langdan, said to be the smartest man
in the USA with an IQ of ~200. Chris has spent most of his adult life
working as a bouncer and has the bruises to prove it. I would like you to
ask Chris if his Stupidity Quotient exceeds his Intelligence Quotient.
Credits have their corresponding debits. Intelligent behaviours have
corresponding stupid behaviours. It is the NET that counts. Ask Chris if
his net is in the red. Speaking of "red", I would like you to interview
Vladimir Zhirinovsky again to find out if he has mellowed. Just before
your last interview he was filmed as he grabbed a fellow Duma member, got
her in a headlock and dragged her across the floor of the Duma. If you
want to see red ask Vlad if he is a misogynist; then quickly follow it up
by asking him if there is anything wrong with him which a lobotomy could
not cure. You will also understand how I have used my Stupidity Test
(patent pending) in field situations.
(Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology)

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