RE: Paying for Schools (was: SOCIETY: Re: The privatization of public security)

From: Jerry Mitchell (
Date: Sun Aug 26 2001 - 08:58:18 MDT

> >From: "J. R. Molloy" <>
> >From: "Zero Powers" <>
> > > The simple fact is that a welfare mother is not likely to
> be able to
> >afford
> > > to pay *anything* to educate her children.
> >
> >I think deadbeats who bring children into the world without
> the means to
> >adequately support them should be punished for this
> unconscionable abuse
> >and
> >negligence, and the children should be placed with more responsible
> >parents.
> A few questions:
> What of the inalienable right to procreate? Should that be
> limited only to
> the fiscally fit? Should that right be denied to the poor?
> If so, why
> don't we just sterilize everyone living in poverty until they
> can prove that
> they are financially responsible enough to have the procedure
> reversed?
> Sound a little Orwellian?
> Do you think children would be better off in foster care than
> with their own
> loving parents, simply because the parents are poor? Have
> you ever known
> anyone raised in the foster care system?
> -Zero

Straw man here as I see it. Just because someone SHOULDNT havent children
doesnt mean they dont have a right to have them. I personally think you
shouldnt drink alchol, but you certainly have the right.

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