RE: The Timeship project URL

From: Amara D. Angelica (
Date: Sun Aug 26 2001 - 00:28:27 MDT

Charles Hixson said:

> Columbia University is trying to build a time machine, of sorts.
> Probably it will have the restriction that it will only transport
> photons, and not to anytime before the machine was created, or
> after it was turned off. But photons are enough to allow
> messaging. (These details are added by me, in my ignorance. Don't
> attribute them to the project.)
> Sorry, I don't remember what the project is called. It has to do
> with counter-rotating beams of photons that have been slowed to
> less than 30 mph, using bose-concentrates.

That sounds like this:

Time twister

New Scientist, May 19, 2001

A practical way to make a time machine using two counter-circulating beams
of light is the goal of experiments by Ronald Mallett, professor of
theoretical physics at Connecticut University.

An ultra-cold bath of atoms known as a Bose-Einstein condensate is required
to slow down the speed of light to make it work, limiting the hypothetical
phenomenon to a lab curiosity for now.

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