RE: Paying for Schools (was: SOCIETY: Re: The privatization of public security)

From: Jerry Mitchell (
Date: Sat Aug 25 2001 - 10:27:27 MDT

> > > >From: "Mitchell, Jerry (3337)" <>
> > >
> > > Let me be sure I have this straight... You are suggesting
> > > getting rid of
> > > (free) public school where the student:teacher ratio is ~
> > > 30:1 and having
> > > every family pay $2K - $5K per year (per kid) for a
> school where the
> > > student:teacher ratio is 50:1? Is that *really* what you are
> > > suggesting, or
> > > am I missing something?
> > >
> > > -Zero
> >Your choice here is McDonalds Hamburgers, eating
> at nice dinner
> >at
> >Chilis retaurant, or Filet Mingon from an expensive
> restaurant. All options
> >would be available!
> Of course the only real options would be available to the
> wealthy. The rest
> of us would be relegated to sending our kids to the $.99
> Store school. I
> know that to some it seems only right that only the rich are
> entitled first
> rate educations for their kids. To me, that just doesn't sit right.
> The simple fact is that a welfare mother is not likely to be
> able to afford
> to pay *anything* to educate her children. If public
> education is abandoned
> the only alternative for the truly poor would be the school
> of hard knocks.
> Again, that's the equivolent of saying "let them eat cake."
> Woe to all of
> us if/when that day ever comes.
> -Zero

I noticed how you state everyone would be piled up on the "$.99" store part
of the scale. You know as well as I do that wouldnt be the case. You would
see a bell curve distribution that is tilted AWAY from the low end ( the
distortion that makes it lean away from the low end is because of the
operation of charity based oganizations). You need to get beyond this robin
hood idea of "fairness justifies theft". Besides, the $.99 version of a
liberatarian school would still probably be better then your average normal
school today. Dont forget market force efficiencies.

Look, theres a ton of forces you neglect in your simplistic picture your
painting. Besides charity based organizations, there would be other novels
structures that would arise. i.e. Corporations funding exducation in return
for time served after they graduate, student load investment exchanges
popping up. I think weve heard that saying "Why did you rob that bank...
Cause thats where the money is!". This type of moral bottomfeeding must

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