Re: the term "eugenics"

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Sat Aug 25 2001 - 09:27:55 MDT

Russell Blackford wrote:
> Mike said
> >Those that seek to use the law to restrict our
> >freedom to progress technologically is fascist in their behavior.
> Oh really, Mike, give me a break. They are *illiberal* in their behaviour,
> ie they are in (either explicit or tacit) opposition to the classical
> liberal ideal of society. But "fascist" is too much.

Aw, c'mon, Russell. If certain unnamed, self declared 'liberals' around
here are going to continue to claim that I, and others, are somehow
'racist', then there is no reason I cannot be as loose in my definitions
when I describe those who espouse authoritarian policies. Granted,
fascism is as much a subset of authoritarianism as Naziims is a subset
of fascism, but at least I can objectively tell the difference (and
similarity) between a national socialist and an international socialist,
as much as I can tell the differences (and the similarities) between
Nietche and Dhugashvili.

> It is incorrect to call them fascists. It is also not smart to dismiss
> people's concerns (which are not based on fascist political theory at all)
> in this impatient way.

Whether their concerns are based on fascist political theory or not is
immaterial. How they wish to implement the prescriptions for their
concerns is, in fact, based on fascist political theory, and how they
conduct their campaigns in the streets with propaganda, disinformation,
and terror is, in fact, based on fascist political theory. Those who
insist you can only judge someone by their intent, and not their acts,
are simply espousing another form of justifying means by the ends.

> I occasionally lose my patience and say they are
> irrational or superstitious. I'm going to try to cut down on this. I have no
> compunction in pointing out that they are illiberal. But we have to try to
> answer them as reasonably and sweetly as we can bring ourselves to.

Refusing to call a spade a spade aids in their disinformation and
propaganda, and lends them an undeserved legitimacy.

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