Re: Media ignores Ballistic Missle Defense lies

From: John Clark (
Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 23:27:34 MDT

Brian D Williams <> Wrote:

> Everyone continues to ignore the fact that the antimissle defense
> is not designed to counter an all out attack by a major power, but
> a small attack by a rogue power.

Everyone continues to ignore the fact that ICBM's are not the problem,
thermonuclear bombs are. A small attacker would have to be brain
dead stupid to use an ICBM rather than a suitcase.

To give you an idea of the loony priorities in Washington, the Clinton
administration made an excellent deal with Russia, each side would
destroy 50 tons of plutonium by burning it up in a reactor. Since it only
takes about 10 pounds (not tons!) to make a bomb the world would
undoubtedly be a far safer place if there were a100 tons less plutonium
in it . However Bush wants to kill the idea, he says there is not enough
money in the defense budget for it, but of course there is more than
enough for a useless and unworkable star wars fantasy. Insane!

   John K Clark

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