RE: outloading again

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 18:55:47 MDT

Eugene writes

> Here's where the second argument starts. A time flux difference of merely
> 1:1000 will make you effectively a statue. You would have to drop out of
> anything you're embedded in. The world would move on. Notice many statues
> still standing around, which are in one piece? The world doesn't take
> kindly to statues, especially if they occupy scarce space, and are edible.

Thank you for your more understandable and thorough paragraphs. But here,
I'm not sure that I agree (or if I'm following you). You will *appear*
to me to be a statue if "you" are just inloaded and are trying to walk
around, say on the surface of a planet, and I am more conventionally :-)
uploaded, and you show up on my sensors. I'll say, "there's Eugene
walking around on the surface!". Presumably you and I will both be
experiencing at about a thousand to a million times faster than your
body will be able to react to stimuli. But won't everything else on
the planet's surface (including mosquitos, cheetahs, artillery shells,
Amish, and Lee Corbin's sensors) also appear as statues?


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