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> [ ... ]
>tweak your knobs, she caused your testosterometer to peg.
>You may have behaved in odd ways that you yourself did
>not understand. I can easily imagine an uploaded mind
>missing that feeling, discovering that it couldnt go there, and
>wanting to. spike
I really think there's more to it than that. Eugene
Leitl, vide supra, thinks (means: I think I heard him say)
that there will be means to scan the totality of the
physical substrate, which would - as you have illustrated
here - have to include not only the endocrine system and
its receptors but also the pheromone soup we breathe.
I think that [encoding a conscious intellect - specific
terminology negotiable] is a valid and virtuous goal
that's worth working toward right now. I also think that
we really don't know whether we're proceeding down the
road or just crossing it.
Jupiter can't have enough bridges.

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