IQ Correlates to Success With Breasts

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Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 13:37:02 MDT

Kids with high IQ may persuade Mom to breast feed for longer.

LONDON (Reuters) - Intelligence of babies may affect how long they breast
feed, according to research published on Wednesday.

Medical experts at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology
tested the intellectual and motor skills of 345 children at 13 months and
then five years of age. Nearly two-thirds were breast-fed for six months or
more but 17 percent were moved to bottle-feeding at less than three months

The team, led by Dr. Torstein Vik, found no correlation between
breastfeeding and motor skills at either age.

But those who rated below average for mental skills at 13 months and for total
intelligence by the age of five, had not managed to persuade Moms to give them
breast milk

The findings, which support the ``smart kid gets the tit'' theory advanced by
Alligator Grundy, were released in the Archives of Disease in Childhood, a
specialist publication of the British Mammary Journal.

``We found a positive association between duration of breast feeding and
mental development even after adjusting for maternal age, maternal
education, maternal intelligence and smoking at the time of conception,''
the researchers' paper concluded that it's not the Moms who made the
difference, it's the IQ of their kids.

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