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Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 09:07:28 MDT

>From: Mike Lorrey <>

>Well, I expect to change your mind with one question: If a liberal
>education is to make a citizen fit to live in a democracy, why is
>it that there are more citizens than ever who are completely UNFIT
>to live in a democracy, and it is ENTIRELY the fault of the
>educational system?

Mike what we have in schools today is education by political
liberals, which is a completely different thing from a classic
liberal education. "Liberal" in the educational sense is almost the
opposite of "liberal" in the political sense.

>Skilled non-degree jobs go begging to be filled, machinists being
>just the easiest to point to.

Tell me about it, we've been trying to hire replacement
communications electricians for months with little success. People
aren't as interested in these jobs as they used to be.

But this is besides the point, we still need people who are highly
educated and good critical thinkers in this country, every citizen
should be so equipped.

Of course this is what politicians fear most.


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