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Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 05:40:19 MDT

>From: "Mitchell, Jerry (3337)" <>

>You neglect the impact of economies of scale. Right now, there isnt much
>an impact, but if all schools were private, the situation would be quite
>pronounced. Besides, theres no studies that show a difference in the
>of education declining if classroom sizes increase from say 30 to 50. It
>sounds like there should be, but it reality, if you have 30 students, you
>dont have a lot of time with individual students anyways. Double the size
>the class and you can drop prices dramatically.

Let me be sure I have this straight... You are suggesting getting rid of
(free) public school where the student:teacher ratio is ~ 30:1 and having
every family pay $2K - $5K per year (per kid) for a school where the
student:teacher ratio is 50:1? Is that *really* what you are suggesting, or
am I missing something?


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