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From: Olga Bourlin (
Date: Thu Aug 23 2001 - 21:50:33 MDT

From: "Mike Lorrey" <>

"James Rogers" <>
> > > What I didn't mention was the years in the early 19th century when
> > was > > > both public AND private education equally available in the

> > You also forgot to mention that (during the time you depict) it was
> > *illegal* for some people in the U.S. to even learn to read.
> Just what the HELL does that have to do with it?

If you've ever played any children's games, you know there are Rules of the
Game. I propose that one cannot win the game of "Education Checkers" by
ignoring all the other pieces on the board (poor people, women, slaves,

Sounds like one more
> case of the whiny liberal resorting to a last ditch attempt at labelling
> her opponents racist to escape a losing position.

Because you cannot stealthily whisk a few pesky checker pieces out of sight
in order to win the game, it is you who hold the losing position - on the
grounds of cheating. And just to show you how *ultra*liberal I can be: I
won't even subtract any extra points from you for your tired use of the
phrase "whiny liberal."

> Or are YOU implying that the descendants of those who were prohibited
> from learning to read are inherently less able to be educated today????

I have no idea what you mean, or how I may have implied this.

> That sounds like a pretty racist opinion to me.

I thought you were asking me a question? Thanks for your kindness in
providing a ready-made explanation for me, but I'm still not giving you a
free pass to cheat at checkers.


> > > So tell me again how public education and the government helped the
> > > poor people.
> >
> > Gladly. Public education does not sanction discrimination based on
> > religion, ethnicity, class, and what have you (that is to say, it has
> > become more democratic lately - if only in the last few decades - and,
in my
> > view, the bulk of good it does by this very fact alone puts it ahead of
> > private education).
> Private education cannot discriminate thus (except for religion) either.
> Many private schools offer scholarships to gifted poor kids to attend
> their schools. There is this thing, see, called financial aid.... I
> suggest you get rid of the ComIntern originated memes against private
> organizations that seem to be embedded in you.

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