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From: James Rogers (
Date: Thu Aug 23 2001 - 18:55:14 MDT

On 8/23/01 12:24 PM, "Mitchell, Jerry (3337)" <>
> I agree, I tried this and went from 250lbs (I know... shhh) down to 200lbs
> in about 3 months! I was almost never hungry and got to eat all the great
> foods I love. My breakfast a lot of times was a nice bacon and cheese omelet
> with a bacon side (I LOVE bacon). My wife made some no carb chocolate mousse
> for when I got those sugar cravings. I cant rant or rave enough about how
> great this works! I'm shooting for 180 where Ill hold.

I know a lot of people really go overboard on the fat when on a low-carb
diet, but I can't do it. I'm just too used to eating lean meat and
generally non-fatty food. I still try to keep things healthy.

Perhaps my better than normal experience health-wise with a low-carb diet is
because the food I eat would still be considered quite healthy, on a
low-carb or not.

> P.S. Oh, I DONT exercise even though I should. I am hoping that I will get
> out of work and into the gym more soon. Still, 50lbs in 3 months without
> exercise is amazing! I calculate my target weight in a few more weeks. Wish
> me luck.

When I was in Army Basic Training, we had fat guys lose 40-lbs in 8 weeks,
carbs and everything. Pure exercise weight loss. Of course, I dropped to
about 2% body fat like most of the other reasonably skinny people. You
can't help but to leave the place lean and tough. I've never seen a such
effective weight loss programs as I saw in the Army, but maybe that was just
the Old Army. :^)

-James Rogers

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