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From: Mitchell, Jerry (3337) (
Date: Thu Aug 23 2001 - 15:10:52 MDT

I was just talking to one of my Asian friends about this and his thoughts
were that the Asian schools and American were exactly opposite in one
aspect. He told me that all the way up in grades through high school, kids
in his country busted their ass, stayed at school from 9AM to 9PM and
generally excelled. In college, the pace wasnt NEAR as rough. His view of us
was one where we coast up to the college level and thats where we start
kicking it in high gear. He even addmitted that the reason that most the
innovation and excellence from college level education in the US was because
he knew his buddies back in Korea were slacking and partying. Keep in mind,
this isnt my view, just my Korean friend. I have no clue of the accuracy as
I have no experience with foreign school systems.

> Olga wrote:
> Of course, this was way back in the days before computers.
> But from what
> I've read and observed about American adults in general - how
> deep their
> ignorance is when confronted with questions about geography and basic
> science - I wouldn't be surprised if American schools are
> still lagging
> behind many schools in countries we consider "poor," "third world" or
> "backward." Of course, we have compulsory education - which
> may partly
> account for the skew.
> (end)

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