Re: DIET: Low carb report

From: Pat Fallon (
Date: Thu Aug 23 2001 - 13:14:18 MDT

James Rogers wrote:

>My new diet is a high-protein
>high-fat diet with lots of non-starchy vegetables and water.
>1) It makes you lean with surprising speed.
>I've never seen anything else like it --
>the fat just melted off my body.
>This is the only diet I've ever seen
>that actually produced results like this and at this speed.

I got similar results. One thing I noticed was muscle cramps. As I understand
it, if you lose water, your body gets rid of sodium, it also gets rid of
potassium. The loss of potassium causes muscle cramps. Typically, I would wake
up in the middle of the night with my calf muscle cramping. I got some no-salt
to use as seasoning which has potassium instead of sodium and that seemed to

I only did the "high-protein, low-carb" diet for a while though, until my
cholesterol improved. Then I went on zone diet, where you calculate your lean
body mass, and figure how many grams of protein is required to maintain that at
current activity levels. That amount of protein comprises 30% of calories
consumed. Good carbs comprise 40% of calories consumed, fat 30%. Since fat has
9 calories per gram, and protein and carbs 4 calories per gram, I have to adjust
for that when figuring how many grams of fat comprise 30% of calories.

Zone people don't call that diet "high-protein", just "adequate protein".

Best Regards,

Pat Fallon

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