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Date: Thu Aug 23 2001 - 12:44:08 MDT

Consider adding some "good fats" to it like from flax oil or fish oil

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> Hi folks,
> Since there has been interest in the past on the topic of diets and
> nutrition, I thought I would post the results/side-effects of my most
> experiment with such things.
> About five weeks ago I agreed to provide "morale support" to one of the
> girls I live with, who insisted that she needs to lose five pounds (from
> petite 115-lb body -- go figure), by doing a low carb diet with her. I am
> not in particular need of a diet, but I'm not super-lean either despite
> spending much time at the gym, so I figured it would be an interesting
> experiment. My normal diet tends to be a low-fat, medium dairy, medium
> protein diet with lots of carbs and vegetables. I also attend the gym
> regularly (at least for the last several months), so I also like to see
> various diets interact with my workout. My new diet is a high-protein
> high-fat diet with lots of non-starchy vegetables and water. Note that I
> a "two days on, one day off" cycle for the diet; I eat plenty of quality
> carbs on the off day.
> 1) It makes you lean with surprising speed. I've never seen anything
> like it -- the fat just melted off my body. This is the only diet I've
> seen that actually produced results like this and at this speed.
> 2) It doesn't interfere with a heavy workout schedule. I've tried other
> low-fat diets to try to become leaner, but they all seemed to have adverse
> affects on my workout scheduling, either by making recovery take longer or
> just making my muscles feel lethargic (a problem I've had with
> vegetarian-ish diets in general). No problems here.
> 3) Dairy is bad. This was the only change I made to the diet mid-course.
> Apparently a low-carb diet aggravates the negative effects of diary in the
> diet and generally didn't make me feel that good, so I cut back on them
> substantially and stuck with meat and veggies. I've always known that
> wasn't so hot, but this made it that much clearer.
> 4) No hunger. This is more than just an issue of an empty stomach. I
> found that the time I could comfortably go between meals was greatly
> extended beyond my normal diet as well. I am guessing this has something
> do with very stable blood sugar levels. Note that low-fat high-carb diets
> always seemed to increase the frequency that I felt hungry.
> In summary, I feel great, better than I do on my normal diet. Because of
> this, it is extraordinarily easy to stick with it, and the adjustments
> been minor, particularly since every third day I eat carbs.
> Given the quality of the results I've had, I will probably make lean meat
> and veggies my standard diet until something better comes along; my body
> seems quite happy with this diet. I'm normally skeptical of these things,
> but only because most dietary changes appeared to generate adverse
> consequences to my body and/or my lifestyle.
> Cheers,
> -James Rogers

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