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> I don't think DNA can be copyrighted, so this particular way to prevent
> oneself from being cloned probably wouldn't work.

When Bill Clinton stopped for a Guinness during an official visit to
Dublin, his entourage reportedly bought the glass afterwards and took it
away with them. We're sure there are many theories surrounding this
incident, but we choose to believe that Clinton's aides were taking
routine precautions against a cloning attempt. Andre Crump, president of
the DNA Copyright Institute of San Francisco points out that, in theory
at least, all someone needs to clone their hero or heroine is a few
living cells left behind on a glass or exchanged in a handshake.
High-profile individuals, therefore, should be on the lookout for
devoted fans who may have cloning in mind - which is why Crump and his
company are now offering celebrities the chance to establish copyright
in their DNA and prevent any unwanted duplication.
Read the full feature in New Scientist magazine

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