Re: Paying for Schools (was: SOCIETY: Re: The privatization ofpublic security)

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Thu Aug 23 2001 - 09:11:48 MDT

Russell Blackford wrote:
> That said, my observation is that private schools are good at spoonfeeding
> kids for exams but don't necessarily teach them the important skills of how
> to teach themselves. Once they get to university, the brighter public school
> kids cream 'em.

Yes, but the brighter public school kids generally are those who
succeeded in spite of the public school system. They generally taught
themselves. I think if you look at averages of public and private school
kids who go to college, you'll find that the private kids do far better,
even if you adjust for differences in average intelligence, etc.

I would beg to differ, however, about private schools spoonfeeding their
kids. Catholic school kids, at least, in my experience, do teach
critical thinking and learning skills far better than any public school,
which is why you'll find jesuit educated people disproportionately
represented in the upper echelons of achievement in many fields.

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