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From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Thu Aug 23 2001 - 08:17:11 MDT

>From: Miriam English <>

>It makes me feel sad that some people feel so unconcerned at the
>thought of wiping away a whole segment of society. Don't they
>remember why public school exists? There is this waving of arms
>and saying "Leave it to the magic of the free market -- that will
>fix it." But all it will fix is that the rich will have less tax
>to pay and the poor will go without education... and backwards we
>march to the bad old days.

I don't think anyones out to eliminate education, but many of us
have problems with both its lack of success, and the way it's
currently paid for.

In the system I'm currently proposing (a flat tax structure)
everyone would pay something for education, but the bulk of the
cost would be borne by the parents. If you want to have a half
dozen kids fine, but be sure to check your wallet first...

There is nothing backward in this.


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