Re: Paying for Schools (was: SOCIETY: Re: The privatizationofpublic security)

From: Olga Bourlin (
Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 23:00:46 MDT

From: "James Rogers" <>

Education *was* better when it was
> completely private and more poor people got a better education. It isn't
> really even in dispute. Who's waving arms?

Your insularity is showing. You say education was better when it was
completely private and that this isn't even in dispute? Well, I'm disputing
it. What else can't be disputed? That Gone With The Wind depicted the end
of the America's greatest epoch?

> What I didn't mention was the years in the early 19th century when there
> both public AND private education equally available in the U.S.

You also forgot to mention that (during the time you depict) it was
*illegal* for some people in the U.S. to even learn to read.

> So tell me again how public education and the government helped the
> poor people.

Gladly. Public education does not sanction discrimination based on
religion, ethnicity, class, and what have you (that is to say, it has truly
become more democratic lately - if only in the last few decades - and, in my
view, the bulk of good it does by this very fact alone puts it ahead of
private education).


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