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Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 14:53:48 MDT

The story reported it as an 18 month level so I would take their word for
it until proven otherwise. No need for the interaction to be typed. The
person interacting could use voice recognition programming, but that is a
trivial point. If we take a dialogue between, let us say, 10 human
adults with 10 real human 18 month-olds and 10 human adults with "Junior",
as we will call this R4P model, and type the 20 dialogues into an online
discussion, then we can do a Turing Test. The statisticians can evaluate
the results. That will give us the proof though I think we'll have to
spiff up the research design a little first.

Sample Dialogue:

POC: What Baby Junior wanna be when Junior grow up?

Junior: Wanna be president.

POC: Baby Junior sure?

Junior: Sure as steppin on a texas cowplop in June, hombre.

POC: Baby Junior have to go to school.

Junior: What be school?

The staff of Saturday Night Live will be the judges who will sort the
protocols into two piles, (1) rated as dialogue with R4P-Junior; (2) rated
as dialogue with a human 18 month old.

R4P-Junior would go to robot school where robopsychologists would program
it, developmental step by developmental step up to adult levels of verbal


On Tue, 21 Aug 2001, Zero Powers wrote:

> >From: Party of Citizens <>
> >Have they passed the Turing Test at the 18 month level as reported in the
> >story or not?
> No. It would be pretty hard to even conduct that sort of test seeing as how
> there aren't many 18 month old humans who can even do IRC, much less give
> any sort of coherent response to a typed question.
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