RE: GMO and coercion of farmers

From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 16:55:21 MDT

Mike Lorrey wrote,
> Considering your earlier predeliction toward judging the information by
> judging the source, Harvey, why don't you apply that same sort of bias
> against this article's claims, since it's published on an anti-GMO
> luddite website that, according to my browsing, embraces all sorts of
> unscientific opinions and issues that depend upon religious faith.

Good question. The source in this case is a London newspaper. The reporter
seemed to report the news based on interviews. There is no evidence that
God told him how to rewrite the story to make it conform to the author's
religious beliefs. Therefore this article seems to be a more reliable
source than some previous articles.

> Not necessarily true. What Monsanto is saying is that genetic markers of
> the GMO crop is being found elsewhere on land not seeded with GMO
> plants. They are not testing crops, they are testing the dirt, which
> collects pollen from many sources.

I can't find this in the article. Can you point to where it says this?

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