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Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 00:42:10 MDT

A lucky google hit showed woman's suffrage occuring in

New Zealand 1893
Australia 1902
Finland 1906
Norway 1913
Canada 1917
Soviet Union 1917 guess why
Germany 1918 guess why
Austria 1918 guess why
Low Countries 1919
U.S. 1920
U.K. 1928
Brazil 1934
Salvador 1939
Dom.Republic 1942
Guatemala 1945
France 1945 guess why
Japan 1945 guess why
Belgium 1946
Argintina 1946
Mexico 1946
Liberia 1947
China 1947 guess why
Uganda 1948
Nigeria 1960
Switzerland 1971 but never forget: they're all armed to the teeth ;-)
Syria 1971 (from Damien's source)
Liechtenstein 1976 (ditto)


If any pattern is apparent, it is that societies that have just
emerged from revolution appear, unsurprisingly, to have more
latitude in extending rights to subgroups. The older and more
established the country, the longer it took in general. (Compare
the U.K. with Australia, for instance.) Also, countries in the
bottom half of the list were generally slow to democratize.

A nearly complete list is at

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> Switzerland, 1971
> Syria, 1971
> Liechtenstein, 1976
> so much for the small population theory

But on the other hand, given that everything else is
equal, it makes sense that a democratic larger nation
is going to accede to a revolutionary change more slowly
than a small country: there are probably more factions,
and (as in the U.S.) more states or provinces. The first
URL above described how the woman suffrage movement got
its start in the U.S., and how Wyoming was the first
state (in 1869). But that makes sense too: Wyoming
was a very new state, much less encumbered by tradition
and by size.


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