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>Kuntah Kintay is not a proper slave name.. we shall call you Tobi
>A Person's "name" consists of one or more Christian or given name and one
>surname or family name. Blakeney v. Smith, 183 Miss. 151, 183 So. 920,921.
>It is the distinctive characterization in words by which one is known and
>distinguished from others, and description, or abbreviation, is not the
>equivalent of a "name". Putnam v. Bessom, 291 Mass. 217,197 N.E.147, 148.
>Custom gives one his fathers family name, and such phraenomena as his
>parents choose to put before it, but this is only general rule, from which
>individual may depart, if HE CHOOSE . In re Cohe, 142 Misc. 852, 255 N.Y.S.
>616, 617. As to the history of Christian names and surnames and their use
>and relative importance in law, see in re Snook, 2 Hilt, N.Y..566.
>LEGAL NAME. Under common law consists of one (any) Christian name and one
>(any) surname, and the insertion, omission, or mistake in middle name or
>initial is immaterial.Langley v. Zurich General Accident & Liability Ins.
>Co., 97 Cal.App. 434, 272 P.963, 965.
>Revised Code of Washington 10.40.050. Entry and use of true name.
>If HE alleges that another name is his true name it MUST be entered in the
>minutes of the court, and the subsequent proceedings on the indictment or
>information may be had against him by that name, referring also to the name
>by which he is indicted or informed against.
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> > > um
> > > your Legal name is not "your name" its just your state recognised
> > >who dare decide what I am named but I?
> > >
> > >shall you call me Toby?
> > >
> > > You can change "your name" because it belongs to you
> > >if you want the state to recognise it, thats another story.
> >
> > Not quite. I see your point: that you can call yourself anything you
> > to, state be damned. Sure, you can have as many "nicknames" or
> > you like, but you only have one "name" and it can only be legally
> > state sanction.

...yeah, like I said.


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