Re: SOCIETY: Re: The privatization of public security in South America

From: Olga Bourlin (
Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 18:47:44 MDT

From: "Brian D Williams" <>

> >From: "Olga Bourlin" <>
> >I've never espoused anything like that. As to the farmworkers'
> >problems - you're right, reading that article made me think of a
> >problem *I* used to have (before my children grew up) - i.e.,
> >virtually no childcare in our country. I've stated before I
> >believe childcare from babyhood on would do well being joined to
> >our public school system. I believe in "family values," you see.
> Your "family values" seems to translate as a paternalistic big
> government.

My hear belongs to Daddy.

> Childcare should be provided by the parents, not the government.

In your opinion, who should provide for schools - the parents, as well?
(While we're on the subject, I would also like to see schools get away from
the agrarian model of having summer vacations - very retrograde.)


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