Re: the prospect of immortality being taken seriously

Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 17:13:26 MDT

Lord Winston is basically dismissing stuff (it sounds to me) because you have no technology immediately in front of him, to poke and prod at. Also, the drinks may have had something to do with it, when one is getting shit-faced. The attitude may not be quite the same (so I have heard!)

Amazing is a fun guy, who is jack of all trades, master of deception. I have seen some of his counter arguments amounting to: Hey! somebody said something against what you claim, therefore, you''re wrong! (I imagine Amazing walking back to the bar for another drink, smiling and very, self-satisfied). His opponents, happily toilet-ized.

If medical science is not here to ease pain, repair damaged bodies, and extend the quality and quantity of life; then what is Lord Winston in it for, the babes? Again, add a Singularity, or some more modest medical advances, and essentially the passage of copius amounts of time, and Lord Winston comment will prove to be a flase predicition. Hey waiter! I order the Rum and Coke!


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