Re: SOCIETY: The privatization of public security in South America?

From: Brian Phillips (
Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 14:39:49 MDT

quoeth Olga
<I wish the store managers who stayed up nights thinking about how they
improve their supermarkets in order to beat the Safeway down the street
would also come up with some ideas about how best to treat farmworkers.

I wish the "immense concentration of knowledge [taking] place in the minds
of a few people who have an enormous incentive to improve the quality of the
stores" would also develop some incentive to improve the quality of people's
lives - people who provide the basic foodstuff and products for their
  You're a smart lady. Think of a way to turn a profit doing it and then
sell the idea. The reason the massive well of knowledge about the consumer
is there is because greed is good, and greed is the whip that a man will
savour as it lashs him.
  Pure altruism never helped anyone for long. (IMHO)
  And with regards to the problems of the migrants... not to be an
but if I choose to work a job that pays more than my old one, but will
cause me to get blisters on my hands...should I expect the community to
see that my hands stay cleaned and debrided and wrapped? Why is the
implication in the story "there is a problem. obviously the community (who
didn't make the choices that neccessarily lead to the problem) has to
fix it, not doing so is moraly reprehensible!".
   We must consider this... what would be the situation for these people
if the farmers had no jobs to offer them? Would you rather the children
eat or have them have daycare by a parent? Perspective here is important.


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