Re: the prospect of immortality being taken seriously

From: Robert J. Bradbury (
Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 10:27:32 MDT

Damien wrote:

> Ah yes, Lord W. told me, with a significant look. Michael Rose has...
> an unusual standing among his peers. (Or something along those lines;
> you never have a biro and a sleeve when you need to jot down exact quotes

Yes, its probably typical academic envy. Its the same way many academics
treat Eric. I don't know anything about Lord W. but I'd assume he and
most of the other "peers" he is talking about are 1-2 std. deviations
above average intelligence. People like Michael and Eric are 3-4 std.
deviations above average intelligence and are so far ahead of their
"peers" that there isn't even any contest. One of the things that
has become clearer and clearer to me over the last 5 or so years of
really digging into the work done by Eric, Ralph and Robert F. is
just how damn far ahead of the curve most of it really is. We are
going to witness a number of people with their intelligence taking
these fields and moving them forward -- and all the while the bulk
of academia (and even the general population) will be going "Oh no
that can't be done.".

Its going to be really interesting -- I suspect we are going to end
up with a lot of engineers saying, "Oh, I can build that" all the
while a bunch of scientists are saying, "Oh no you can't" not on
the basis of any physical principles but simply because its never
been done before.


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