RE: Argument From Authority

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Sun Aug 19 2001 - 20:54:05 MDT

Damien writes

> Lee wrote
>> But the greater danger by far is to assume that, as
>> you wrote, "science is really quite different" from
>> our ordinary thinking. It's not.
> `Difficult' is a different word from `different'.

Yes, sorry; I read the word that I *thought* was going to be there.

Your entire context was

> Ah, then you might read Alan Cromer's UNCOMMON SENSE for another opinion.
> He develops a Piagetian analysis of why science is really quite difficult
> and massively counter-intuitive. Plainly we mostly approach the world on
> the basis of evolved dispositional templates that, in conjunction with
> cultural memory, create our *folk physics* and *folk psychology*, etc: the
> usual ways humans tend to negotiate our *Lebenswelt*.

>From this, I assume that the reason that science is difficult is
that our protracted study of an area reveals surprising results.
It's possible that to say that it also reveals counter-intuitive
results is to say something stronger.


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