[LONGEVITY MEME] the first Longevity Meme project is underway; help wanted

From: Reason (reason@exratio.com)
Date: Sat Aug 18 2001 - 20:29:52 MDT

I'm a few weeks past my deadline for this announcement, but I'm glad to be
here at last. I have the Longevity Meme website at a point at which I can
officially launch the first Project and solicit comments, help and
participation from those who are interested. (Which from my point of view
should be all of you, but I'm admittedly biased on this issue :)



"The Longevity Meme is a California-based non-profit organization, founded
in mid-2001. Our mission is to assist in bringing on an age in which any
human being can live comfortably, healthily and capably for as long as he or
she desires. We aim to ensure that the means and potentials of life
extension become a common topic for discussion throughout the world.

Aging is an enemy to all of us, but a lack of information, advocacy and
awareness of life extension is worse yet. Much of the general public thinks
of aging as inevitable and natural. Until life extension movements become
more mainstream, progress in defeating aging will continue to be
frustratingly slow.

The Longevity Meme is also an idea; a way in which we can all help ourselves
and others to live healthily and live longer. How much longer? It is up to
all of us, as individuals and as a society, to see what can be achieved when
we all work together."


"Longevity Meme Projects are comprised of activities and group efforts
intended to promote awareness and serious discussion of life extension in
the mainstream media and society at large. We believe that fostering a
greater consideration of life extension and its potentials is a vital part
of the fight against aging."

"Our first Longevity Meme Project is a little less directly focused on
awareness than future Projects will be. Before we can act as a community
resource and center for coordination, we must build the core components of
this website, write the initial content and form the seed community. This
Project is underway: join in!"


The current modest aim is to make the life extension community aware of the
existence of the Longevity Meme and thereby gather a core or seed community
of interested helpers to move our first project to completion. At the same
time, we can discuss and then begin the task of evangelizing the Longevity
Meme and life extension in general to the general public through future
projects and activism.

Please visit the Longevity Meme site and our first project pages, where you
will find a list of suggestions on how any one of you could help the
Longevity Meme in ways both large and small. It can be as simple as linking
to us, telling a friend, or offering us suggestions -- and by helping us
now, you help yourself in the long term.

I would appreciate any constructive commentary on this e-mail or any aspects
of the Longevity Meme being posted to the Longevity Meme Forum:
http://www.longevitymeme.org/forum/. The simple act of joining the forum and
posting an opinion helps the Longevity Meme immensely in this early stage of
building a community. I hope to see some of you over there.

Lastly, thanks go to Natasha and everyone else involved in Pro-Act for
(indirectly) provoking me into getting back on track with the Longevity

President, Longevity Meme

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