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From: Terry W. Colvin (fortean1@mindspring.com)
Date: Thu Aug 16 2001 - 18:23:31 MDT

I'm watching a "History Undercover" piece on The History Channel that gives
further details, "Coverup: Attack on the USS Liberty." The National Security
Agency (NSA) wanted the USS Liberty (GTR-5) to anchor 100 miles off the Sinai
Peninsula but the Joint Chiefs of Staff wanted more tactical intelligence (tank
commanders to HQ, pilots to control, and especially deception and cryptographic
measures) and prevailed to move the ship to within 13 miles of the coast.

Again, the JCS (Joint Chiefs of Staff) allegedly sent four FLASH messages
that Jim Ennes, a survivor, states were mishandled, that is, dropped delivery.
No mention of the major relay at Asmara, Ethiopia but this is the most likely
communications node that was mentioned during my cryptographic training in 1970
at Fort Gordon, Georgia. In 1967 torn-tape relays were state of the art, soon
to be replaced by the semi-automatic AUTODIN (Automatic Digital Network)
stragegic store and forward text-based message system. The guy working at
Asmara may have torn the teletype tape from the wall reperforator and either
dropped it on the floor or placed it on the teletype tape distributor to the
wrong minor communications node for further relay. I find it hard to believe
this happened four times.

The skipper, Captain McGonagle, was discreetly awarded the Medal of Honor in
a back room at the Washington Navy Yard instead of at the White House. The
crew established an excellent web site at:

< >

After patching, repainting, and a quick trip to Norfolk, Virginia the crew
were dispersed to other duties or discharged. The ship was scrapped three
years later.


Dino wrote:
> My god, that is absolutely outrageous.
> Sadly, it is unlikely that Israel will ever be called to account for
> these and the myriad other warcrimes it has committed...
> Dino
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> > Today, the Independant UK newspaper, The Guardian has an
> > interesting report on James Bamford's new book about the
> > cover-up concerning the USS Liberty. Story at:
> > http://www.guardian.co.uk/israel/Story/0,2763,> 533783,00.html
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> > To read the story and see the pictures by
> > the guys who were there visit their web site at: <
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