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Date: Thu Aug 16 2001 - 16:18:35 MDT

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>> >Mike Lorrey wrote:
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>> >> He was arresting her.
>> >
>> >Bear in mind that, for instance, "displaying a gun in a threatening or rude manner, except in self defense", is unlawful
>> >in California. Cops get to do things mere mortals don't. Arrest at gunpoint of an unarmed person, even by a witness to a
>> >felony, is a tricky area in many places.
>> >
>> >Just FYI.
>> >
>> That's right; and there was no felony here, except the one committed by the gun-waving loonie. He could even be convicted of kidnapping for holding her at gunpoint.
>Emerson has, in the course of his work as a doctor, performed abortions
>on occasion. Therefore, the interference of his separated wife in his
>place of business is a federal felony.
The answer to which situation is, of course (providing that this practice is true of that office at that time - did he perform them in that office?), to call the police, and not to play froggy cowboy and draw down on an unarmed woman. The 'federal felony' line cannot be employed if he did not perform abortions at that office.

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