Re: Transparency Rant

From: KPJ (
Date: Thu Aug 16 2001 - 07:07:50 MDT

|Why is that hard to believe? Many extropians have
|legally changed their names...
|I wasn't born Loree Thomas.

If person X Y. Z wanted to change its name to something else
in the U.S. of A., how hard is it?

In Sweden, it costs just to apply for name change, which the government
might, or might not, approve. You can only change your surname once, and
if you get your surname by marrying a person who have changed its surname,
you cannot give it away if you divorce. You may add, modify, or remove
first names at will, except first names may not clash with known trade
marks, surnames, etc. New surnames must not be used by anybody else, or
they need to give their consent to you using it. [short decsription]

Anyways, the government decides whether it likes your new name or nor.

So if I wanted to change my name to Sandberg, I would have to all the
zillions of Sandberg's in Sweden for consent in writing before applying.

Names like Zero Powers would not be valid, as they do not follow the
local customary name forms. Loree Thomas would probably fall on the
fact that "Thomas" is a first name, _unless_ you can prove that some of
your parents/ancestors used it as a surname.

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