Re: Crank Science?

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Thu Aug 16 2001 - 01:04:59 MDT

I'd go further, and say that IQ might be measuring something akin to "strength of fast-twitch muscles".

Another analogy: do you know what happens to magnesium or titanium if you soak 'em in seawater? Their strength
can quickly drop to 30% of what it was straight from the foundry. I learned this from a failure mode engineer I met at
my local Sears Automotive Center. I wish I'd gotten more than his first name--he seemed very cool.

What I mean to suggest is that someone who scores well on an IQ test might be subject to "intellect embrittlement".

Then there's the question of intellectual anisotropy (That's an "i" there--"Anusotropy" is something very different. And
we all know intellects with the latter property. :) ).


Spike Jones wrote:
> Most of the arguments against the Bell Curve hold that the
> concept of IQ is invalid, that the tests are calibrated off of
> each other, etc. Seems to me that IQ is measuring *some*
> characteristic analogous to strength of the brain. spike

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