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Date: Wed Aug 15 2001 - 17:43:33 MDT

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>> > Mike Lorrey <> Re: MEDIA/POLITICS/GUNS "The changing politics of Guns"Reply-To:
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>> >Well, since you seem to think it's okay to keep discussing it, I will
>> >(see what happens when you insist on having the last word?).
>> >
>> >Dr. Emerson, who is the plaintiff in US v. Emerson did not do what you
>> >claim he did. His separated wife, months after he caught her and her
>> >boyfriend in bed together and allegedly threatened them (which is what
>> >created their divorce proceedings), saw fit to perform some sort of
>> >sitdown strike in his office: she wouldn't leave his place of business
>> >and was interfering with his patients. He ordered her to leave, and when
>> >she wouldn't, he called the police and pulled a gun on her to restrain
>> >her until the police arrived. His daughter was never around.
>> >
>> >Furthermore, her claims about his 'threats' remained unsubstantiated and
>> >were never examined in court, he was never afforded his due process
>> >rights, when the judge unilaterally issued a restraining order.
>> >
>> >Dr. Emerson has never been charged with domestic abuse of any sort, does
>> >not have a criminal record, while his wife has a record of mental
>> >instability. Once again, Joe, you are caught in another one of your
>> >conflations.
>> >
>> Let me get this straight Mike; when she REFUSED to leave, this guy pulled a gun on her to KEEP her from leaving? And you say he has no mental problems?
>He was arresting her.
Yeah, right, sure; if the person has a gun, accoring to Mike, that person is by definition GOOD, unless of course, that person is BAD, which is why all GOOD people have to get guns, even loonies who pull them on separating spouses. Arresting her, my short and curlies! HE'S the one charged; didja miss that?
>>Maybe not diagnosed so far, but the blatant illogic of that move should remedy that in short order. Why didn't he just call the cops to remove her? Answer: because he's obviously not the brightest, or most rational, banana in the hand. And as to the r
>estraining order; a judge issued it, and when a person is under a restraining order or a peace bond, they should relinquish their weapons until the order is lifted; the #1 killer of married women is not armed, but their armed and abusive husbands.
>The judge issued the restraining order with no due process. It is a
>'prior restraint' violation of one's constitutional rights when you
>issue an order that violates a persons rights without due process.
>Emerson was never arrested prior to the order, was never charged or
>arraigned, nor was he eve notified of the hearing during which the order
>was issued.
And you have this on good authority from the progun spin machine, I'm shure...The judge had every right to issue that order based upon the verbal testimony of the complainant, and notification in such cases is routinely carried out. But you're pleading (by proxy) the ignorance of another person; how conVEENient. I must admit, though, his actions look pretty ignorant to me...
>> People who are issued those orders by judges do not get to decide whether or not to obey them, any more than any other person a court rules upon, regardless of what certain organizations and people think. Considering his actions in drawing a weapon to
>keep a soon-to-be-ex-wife, who was refusing to leave his office, from leaving,it looks like a damned good judicial judgment to me.
>Only because you are ignorant of the law.
And the judge is, too, ayy, but YOU'RE impeccably informed! I'm sure that you think that you could put a sitting judge to shame in a legal debate. But then, you think a lot of things, like it's ok for someone to pull a gun on a sepatating spouse rather than ring the constabulary. I'm sure, considering the charges, that the police didn't agree with this one, either.

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