Smarts, was Re: Crank Science

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Wed Aug 15 2001 - 11:36:56 MDT

stencil wrote:
> The thing that frets me about it is that it has fostered
> the meme that intelligence - or, rather 'IQ' - is a moral
> quality akin to courage or loyalty but superior simply
> because it can be assessed, quantified, and compared - and
> used for prediction of behavior.

And as Gerald Weinberg has pointed out, effort goes toward whatever is measured.
We're wired that way.

> Earlier cultures were
> aware of intelligence too but their perceptions of its
> value - embodied in tales of Trickster, Loki, Monkey,
> Odysseus - were a lot more equivocal.

"Oh! What does THIS button do?!"

Don't forget Pandora. And the story of Adam and Eve.

"Smarts"!=wisdom. And that's not a slam on smarts. Just a cautionary note.

Ever read any of de Bono re different "thinking hats"? Mucho value there.

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