Re: Crank Science? [was White male discrimination (well sortof..)]

Date: Wed Aug 15 2001 - 11:12:16 MDT

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<< Especially, for me, the notion that widespread use of IQ tests has
 the old social fabric--and caused unhappiness, even suffering, for people
 many other fine qualities. IQ as the mismeasure of man, if you will.
 I might have time to read it thoroughly in the next couple of months. If so,
 I'll report.
 MMB >>
I believe there is emotional and social intelligence, which as reported in
another thread, permits scientists and engineers to get out-flanked by people
of a lesser mathematical capability, then they possess. Notice how
Stalin,Hitler,Mao, and their ilk lasted, and out-flanked their more capable
victims? Its a horrid, shame that such occurred (occurs) yet it can, indeed,
occur, if one can whip up the masses, and the "security forces".

Woefully, Yours

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