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>> Actually, despite his typical spleen-venting and paranoid mischaracterizations here (the stated policy of the gun control groups he mentions - check their sites - is not to ban handguns or non-assault weapons, such as rifles and shotguns, from all citiz
>enry, but to keep them (as much as is possible) out of the hands of the proven criminally and/or mentally irresponsibles without infringing on the right of sane and law-abiding adults to purchase, keep and bear), Mike and I ( and these groups he derides)
>are in agreement that sane and law-abiding adults should retain the right to keep and bear; the sorts of black eyes that the progun lobby suffer are exemplified by attempts to allow people who fall outside of these characterizations to do so, such as the
>defence attempt to present Atty. Gen. Ashcroft's testimony in favor of the right to keep and bear, in a Texas case, in support of a man under a restraining order for spousal abuse who subsequently, in a fit of petulant rage at!
>> t!
>> hat order, drew and waved his handgun at his horrified wife and daughter. That guy is outta self-control, and if necessary, his beloved weapon should be removed from his cold, dead fingers by the local constabulary before he guns his terrorized family
>down with it.
>> I also appreciate Mike's removing this discussion to its proper venue on exi-freedom.
>Well, since you seem to think it's okay to keep discussing it, I will
>(see what happens when you insist on having the last word?).
>Dr. Emerson, who is the plaintiff in US v. Emerson did not do what you
>claim he did. His separated wife, months after he caught her and her
>boyfriend in bed together and allegedly threatened them (which is what
>created their divorce proceedings), saw fit to perform some sort of
>sitdown strike in his office: she wouldn't leave his place of business
>and was interfering with his patients. He ordered her to leave, and when
>she wouldn't, he called the police and pulled a gun on her to restrain
>her until the police arrived. His daughter was never around.
>Furthermore, her claims about his 'threats' remained unsubstantiated and
>were never examined in court, he was never afforded his due process
>rights, when the judge unilaterally issued a restraining order.
>Dr. Emerson has never been charged with domestic abuse of any sort, does
>not have a criminal record, while his wife has a record of mental
>instability. Once again, Joe, you are caught in another one of your
Let me get this straight Mike; when she REFUSED to leave, this guy pulled a gun on her to KEEP her from leaving? And you say he has no mental problems? Maybe not diagnosed so far, but the blatant illogic of that move should remedy that in short order. Why didn't he just call the cops to remove her? Answer: because he's obviously not the brightest, or most rational, banana in the hand. And as to the restraining order; a judge issued it, and when a person is under a restraining order or a peace bond, they should relinquish their weapons until the order is lifted; the #1 killer of married women is not armed, but their armed and abusive husbands. People who are issued those orders by judges do not get to decide whether or not to obey them, any more than any other person a court rules upon, regardless of what certain organizations and people think. Considering his actions in drawing a weapon to keep a soon-to-be-ex-wife, who was refusing to leave his office, from leaving, i!
t looks like a damned good judicial judgment to me.

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