Re: Transparency Rant (was Re: Enoughness, was Re: Vicious Racism)

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Tue Aug 14 2001 - 16:35:06 MDT

Barbara Lamar wrote:
> KPJ wrote:
> > I have, since I read John Brunner's "The Shockwave Rider" (ISBN
> > 0-345-32431-5)
> > made sure that my data shadow does not look like me:
> Some of the things you list, such as not having bank accounts or credit
> cards, not using ID cards, are inconvenient.

Carrying cash is easy, so long as you have a gun.... ;)
I've been working as a consultant for four years now without a bank
account. I make sure customers write me checks from banks that I have
access to, so I have no problem cashing them, and after repeated visits,
they stop asking for ID, since they recognise my face, they assume they
'know' me (small towns are nice this way).

> The only reason I can think of not to allow oneself into various databases
> is that one might someday need to hide from someone who has access to such
> databases. But maybe there are other reasons I'm missing.
> If one wishes to maintain a degree of anonymity to leave open the option of
> hiding, it would seem to make more sense to develop one or more alternative
> identities one could step into if the need should arise. Refusing to produce
> ID cards, insisting on using cash for large purchases and so forth draw
> attention to a person rather than protecting their anonymity.

Which is why having an alternate identity is very useful. Use the
alternate identity in your financial transactions, so any inquisition by
the man results in "Who ME? No, I'm not him, you must want that other
guy." (or vice versa)

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