RE: Cut to the Spike

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Tue Aug 14 2001 - 08:46:45 MDT

At 06:26 AM 8/14/01 -0700, Lee wrote drolly:

>Will this man's shameless self-promotion of "The Spike" never cease?
>Now even the keystrokes of archaic software are being enrolled in
>the campaign.

Ah, but of course I wasn't talking for an instant about the book, but about
the idea and prospect the term denotes. I was dazzled at the thought that
Microsoft should have so thoughtfully provided a keystroke shortcut direct
to the singularity. Has anyone dared use it, though? Presumably not, I
suppose, unless we are the Pedestrians (Eliezer's nice word) who declined
to be Transcended--as would be fitting among those still using Word 97.

Damien Broderick
[Word 97 is still in the misty, bloated future to us WP5.1 devotees]

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